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Hotel Deals - Lowest Daily Rates! Rather make your Special Internet Rate reservation over the phone? Call toll free in the US or Canada: 1-800-780-5733 ... or in Europe: 00-800-11-20-11-40 When calling this number to reserve a room, please refer to the following discount code: 97493 in order to ensure the lowest possible discount rate. Best price Hotel reservations in all city. Get Hotel special rates Save Up To 75% cheap, discounts, lower, rates, Daytona Beach Select a city from the list on the right to find available hotels at a very special value. These great prices don't last long. Check back frequently for new additions. Special Internet Rates save you money. Because of the large number of lodging reservations we process, we are able to negotiate special rates with the properties. We guarantee our Special Internet Rates are the lowest you can find. To secure your reservation at this low rate, we require up-front payment with your credit card. This ensures you have a room when you arrive so you are not bumped or overbooked. Booking a room marked as a Special Internet Rate gives you both savings and security. You can't beat that! One Star (Economy) Typically smaller hotels managed by the proprietor. The hotel is often 2 - 4 stories high and usually has a more personal atmosphere. It's usually located near affordable attractions, major intersections and convenient to public transportation. Furnishings and facilities are clean but basic. Most will not have a restaurant on site but are usually within walking distance to some good low-priced dining. Public access, past certain hours, may be restricted. Typical National Chains: Econolodge, Motel 6. Two Stars (Moderate) Usually denotes independent and name brand hotel chains with a reputation for offering consistent quality amenities. The hotel is usually small to medium-sized and conveniently located to moderately priced attractions. The facilities typically include telephones and TV's in the bedroom. Some hotels offer limited restaurant service; however, room service and bellhop service is usually not provided. Typical National Chains: Days Inn, LaQuinta Inn. Three Stars (First Class) Typically these hotels offer more spacious accommodations that include well appointed rooms and decorated lobbies. Bellhop service is usually not available. They are often located near major expressways or business areas, convenient to shopping and moderate to high priced attractions. The hotels usually feature medium-sized restaurants that typically offer service breakfast through dinner. Room service availability may vary. Valet parking, fitness centers and pools are often provided. Typical National Chains: Holiday Inn, Hilton. Four Stars (Superior) Mostly large, formal hotels with smart reception areas, front desk service and bellhop service. The hotels are most often located near other hotels of the same caliber and are usually found near shopping, dining and other major attractions. The level of service is well above average and the rooms are well lit and well furnished. Restaurant dining is usually available and may include more than one choice. Some properties will offer continental breakfast and/or happy hour delicacies. Room service is usually available during most hours. Valet parking and/or garage service is also usually available. Concierge services, fitness centers and one or more pools are often provided. Typical National Chains: Hyatt, Marriott. Five Stars (Deluxe) These are hotels that offer only the highest level of accommodations and services. The properties offer a high degree of personal service. Although most five star hotels are large properties, sometimes the small independent (non-chain) property offers an elegant intimacy that can not be achieved in the larger setting. The hotel locations can vary from the very exclusive locations of a suburban area, to the heart of downtown. The hotel lobbies are sumptuous, the rooms complete with stylish furnishing and quality linens. The amenities often include: VCR's, CD stereos, garden tubs or Jacuzzis, in-room video library, heated pools and more. The hotels feature up to three restaurants all with exquisite menus. Room service is usually available 24 hours a day. Fitness Centers and valet and/or garage parking are typically available. A concierge is also available to assist you.